Economy Feed Mill

Who We Are...

Lyle (Tinker) Taylor and wife Marian purchased a feed business in Bloomington in 1964 called Economy Feed Mill. The feed mill was a Master Mix feed dealer with a single axle truck and a pickup truck to deliver feed to their customers.

In 1994, sons Roger and Rod Taylor purchased the family business. The business expanded to Glen Haven in 2005 with the development of the area's largest commercial feed mixing facility in Southwest Wisconsin.

We specialize in personalized treatment at affordable rates. Our company has decades of experience bringing its dedicated services to the area. Our staff has earned accolades and acclaim for its tireless effort to exceed your expectations. We'd love to show you why we're the best. Please browse our site to learn more!


-Mission Statement-

Our mission in life is to continue our family business with a positive attitude and honesty that gains respect from neighbors, friends, and other businesses and also maintain Safe Quality Products as in the present, past, and future.


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