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18% Calf Starter

                     18% Calf Starter
     Our 18% texturized calf feed is a complete feed for newly born calves that is pack full of all the required nutrients for producing a healthy calf. This textured feed comes medicated with your choice of rumensin, decoxx, or bovatec; also for the summer months we offer clarifly in the feed. 

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein, Min.-------------------------------------------------- 18%
Crude Fat, Min.--------------------------------------------------------- 3%
Crude Fiber, Max.-----------------------------------------------------  8%
Calcium (Ca), Min.----------------------------------------------------- 1%
Calcium (Ca), Max.----------------------------------------------------  2%
Phosphorus (P), Min.------------------------------------------------- 0.35%
Selenium (Se), Min.--------------------------------------------------- 0.3 ppm
Vitamin A, Min.--------------------------------------------------------- 18000 IU/lb Vitamin D3, Min. ------------------------------------------------------- 4,000 IU/lb Vitamin E, Min. --------------------------------------------------------- 80 IU/lb 



                 18% Super Crunch                                       This complete texturized feed is formulated for newly born calves. It has all the nutrients in our 18% calf starter but has higher digestible fiber and fat content. This textured feed makes for a great winter feed. This product is also available in rumensin, decoxx, or bovatec; also for the summer months we offer clarifly in the feed.

Guaranteed Analysis                                                              Crude Protein, Min.------------------------------------------------------------ 18%              Crude Fat, Min. ------------------------------------------------------------------ 5%                Crude Fiber, Max. --------------------------------------------------------------- 8%              Acid Detergent Fiber (ADF) Max. --------------------------------------- 10%              Calcium (Ca) min. -------------------------------------------------------------- 1%                Calcium (Ca) Max. -------------------------------------------------------------- 2%              Vitamin A, Min.---------------------------------------------------------------- 18,000 IU/ lb    Vitamin D3, Min. ---------------------------------------------------------------- 4,000 IU/ lb  Vitamin E, Min. -----------------------------------------------------------------  80 IU/ lb


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